Blue Sky Laser Technologies is proud to offer the services of a high powered Multi purpose IPL system.

Phaser Epl is the biggest innovation in hair removal method and technology for over fifty years. It offers a clinically proven , fast, safe and effective method for removing hair, leaving you with smooth  skin every day, so no more waxing or shaving.

Phaser EPL has been designed for treating a wide range of conditions including hair removal, skin, rejuvenation, pigmented and lesions. The combination of yellow and red lights is not only effective for hair removal but is also useful in the reduction of pigmented and vascular lesions.


How it Works

Phaser Epl delivers pulses of light into the skin at specific wavelenghts which selectively absorb in the melanin pigment in the hair follicle and the vascular network that feeds the germ cells located in the bulge. The light energy heats the pigment and effectively disables the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Once treated, the hairs will gradually slip out over the next seven to ten days leaving the skin smooth and hair free.




Regenlite offers non-ablative skin treatment
using the latest generation of laser technology
and is the result of over ten years of research
and practical experience in the medical
and cosmetic sectors.
Regenlite provides a fast, effective treatment for acne vulgaris together with skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments. With exclusive Smartpulse technology,Regenlite stimulates the body’s natural responses to produce a new collagen or toalleviate skin problems. Regenlite is backed by extensive clinical research and practical experience from more than 500 aesthetic practices worldwide. With no need for cooling or anaesthesia and with little or no visible after-effects or recovery time it offers easy and convenient treatment options for patients and clinics.



Regenlite can be used to stimulate collagen production and enhance skin rejuvenation by selectively targeting healthy dermal capillaries at sub-pupuric doses. Pulsed dye lasers were originally developed to destroy unwanted blood vessels that manifest in a variety of vascular irregularities. Treatments for these conditions typically
involve a 450μs pulse duration, which delivers energy outside the thermal damage threshold for the target vessels.
Regenlite has been engineered to deliver a patented short pulse where 80% of the supplies exactly the right amount of energy to the vessels at exactly the right time, taking them to the brink of damage and maximising collagen stimulation without causing long term impairment. Smartpulse technology has been developed for this purpose.
The Smartpulse is generated by a unique, ultra-stable laser cavity which produces the all-important fast rise pulse and pure 585nm yellow light. Research on the characteristics of oxyhaemoglobin has shown 585nm to be the perfect wavelength of light for maximising tissue penetration and absorption. Wavelength stability is crucial in order to maximise absorption and to minimise unwanted purpura. A 585nm wavelength also requires a lower energy level, is less painful and is more accurate in targeting the tissue zone for treatment. The effectiveness of the Regenlite treatment has been evaluated using biochemical analysis, electron microscopy histology, ultrasound imaging and clinical studies and has been described in Lancet publications and in The British Journal Of Dermatology.
Electron microscopy work by Dr T Omi MD of Yokohama, Japan, shows the progressive,
post-treatment production of new collagen.

About us

We provide servicing & maintenance of Chromogenex Regenlite & N-Lite laser devices – along with other laser machines used in cosmetic / clinical industry. Our team of engineers were among the original developers of Regenlite / N-Lite laser technology & can provide genuine parts, along with a professional service.

Regenlite is a multiple application laser that is often referred to as the heart of most aesthetic laser practices. Backed by numerous clinical research articles and the clinical experience of over 500 aesthetic practices worldwide, The Regenlite™ Pulsed Dye Laser offers swift and effective treatments with no need for cooling or anaesthesia and little or no visible after-effects, allowing the patient to resume their normal routine quickly.

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